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Deep Learning for Factory Automation

Gone are the days when humans directly managed factory lines. Today, machines automate manufacturing, assembly, and material handling tasks. Machine vision systems equipped with precision alignment and identification algorithms and guidance capabilities have made it possible to manufacture compact modern components that could not be built manually.

VisionPro ViDi

Cognex 3D Vision Systems

VisionPro ViDi is the first deep learning-based image analysis software designed specifically for factory automation. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with VisionPro and Cognex Designer software, VisionPro ViDi solves complex applications that are too difficult, tedious, or expensive for traditional machine vision systems. This novel approach, which tolerates deviation and unpredictable defects, beats even the best quality inspectors and is ideal for:

  • Defect detection
  • Texture and material classification
  • Assembly verification and deformed part location
  • Character reading, including distorted print

Deep Learning Process

Get all the information you need in one place!
Download the Deep Learning Kit and find out how you can automate previously unprogrammable applications, reduce error rates and increase inspection times.

The Deep Learning Kit contents:

  • Introduction to Deep Learning Whitepaper
  • Deep Learning Guide for the Automotive Industry
  • VisionPro ViDi Datasheet
  • Videos
  • Applications Notes

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